Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easton/Redding Workshop on January 25, 2010. Our team (Herb, Rick and I) and, of course, Louise (Herb's bride of 56 years) arrived at Samuel Staples Elementary School in the middle of a monsoon. Happily the Easton/Redding people are hardy souls and everyone arrived safely.

To quote Herb:
"I would like the teachers to know that I (as well as Rick and Judy) was very impressed by how courteous and attentive they were throughout the entire day. There was a minimum of walking “in around and out” of the room nor did we discern any disconcerting “table talk” during the presentations. In short, the teachers as well as any other attendees were a pleasure for us to work with. Hopefully the positive effects will not wear off and the teachers will keep in touch with us and our website whenever they feel that our input might be helpful to them. "

We hope that we hear from many of the teachers with feedback and more problems to work on together!

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